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Your Trademark must be approved by the Trademark Clearinghouse. Upon presenting verification of this Trademark, you will have the opportunity to register a new domain name during the Sunrise period.

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Nutracups and Domain Redemption?

A domain like nutracups.com typically enters the redemption period about 45 days after its expiration date if it is not renewed or purchased by a 3rd party (nutracups is past redemption period).

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Nutracups Registration: The Life Cycle of a Domain

Understanding the life cycle of your domain helps you to understand when a domain can be renewed, and what services are affected once the domain nutracups expires.
Domains have a minimum registration/renewal period of one year, though some domains may require more. Nutracups can be registered and renewed for up to a total of 10 years at a time. To help you keep your domain registered and active, we provide you with an easy way to renew your domains and strongly encourage you to participate in our automatic domain renewal service!

Nutracups expiration

A domain becomes Expired one day after its expiration date. While a domain is expired, the email will stop working, and its website is replaced with a ‘parked’ page indicating that the domain has expired.

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